How to Murder Out A Car

A “murdered out” car is an all-black, zero percent chrome car that has a matte finish paint. This effect should carry from the windows to rims, even trims and accents. The term was made popular by the car-oriented show called Rob & Big, and is becoming quite popular among enthusiasts and fans. By blacking out every possible surface of the car, it creates a roguish look that can either attract attention during while still giving the passengers the privacy they need.

Just like any major customization, murdered out cars can seem daunting work. Most owners will most likely take their cars to the shop to have the work done, but if you can’t wait for a long time or have minimal cash, here are a couple of tips to get you started:

1. Give your ride a matte finish. A matte finish is the effect made by a flat black paint or vinyl wrap, and professional body shops could do this for a couple of thousand dollars. A cheaper way to do it is by applying matte black vinyl on the entire surface of the car. By using a good application fluid, a squeegee, a heat gun, and X Acto knife, you’ll get the same results done by professionals. Mix all these with a week’s worth of patience, and you’ll get a matte finish without the hole in your pocket.

2. Tint the windows. A good murdered out car should have dark tinted windows. This is probably the cheapest thing to get done during the blacking out process.

3. Purchase black rims or paint yours. A new set of custom black rims can cost thousands of dollars, but if you can’t afford one, just paint your stock ones. Sand the rims using a 120 to 320-grit sandpaper. Prime before painting so that the paint will stick without turning flaky.

4. Cover out trims and accents. If your car has a grill, it’s a good idea to paint it black as well. Don’t leave out any chrome spots to give your car the solid black look.

Although these tips could save you a wad of cash, make sure that you’re capable of performing these DIY steps on murdering out a car. You wouldn’t want to drive a poorly painted car, especially if it attracts the kind of attention murdered out carsget.